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The Earthwalk E-Book: an Epic Adventure With Breathtaking Photography

In this spectacular book, David and Phil — known as 'The Walkers' — documented their incredible 14-month, 5,000-mile (8,000-km) trek by foot and paddle from Alaska to Mexico. The Walkers invite you to travel with them through North America's magnificent wild places via more than 450 superb color photos and maps, as well as vivid, informative text.

The Adventure

On their remarkable trek, the Walkers bushwhacked over backcountry trails, encountering grizzly bears, glaciers, snowcapped summits, and raging rivers. Throughout their adventure, they recorded what they had experienced on film, audiotape, and in their written journals.

With information about the natural environment, history, and the human spirit, Earthwalk is a provocative visual experience that invites readers to feel as if they are participating in this grand adventure right alongside the Walkers — without ever leaving home!

Earthwalk captures a true feeling of the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors, inspiring a deep love and respect for our planet. It is a must-read for adventurers, nature lovers, and photography buffs. The book also features an Introduction by the legendary Orson Welles and a Foreword by reknowned conservationist David Brower. Order your copy today!

Orson Welles Quote
(Orson Welles: Legendary American actor, writer, director and voice talent.)

David Brower Quote

(David Brower: Prominent environmentalist and former Executive Director of the Sierra Club; founder of Friends of the Earth, League of Conservation Voters, and the Earth Island Institute.)

Earthwalk is published by Walker Creations in Santa Barbara, California.

Amazon  & iTunes Reviews

5 Stars: Amazing Timeless Journey!
"This is a timeless story about man braving the natural world. It embodies an experience of persistence, endurance and adventure with a beautiful sense of humor. Earthwalk's environmental message reminds us how far we still need to go in our conservation of our precious natural resources. The photos are breathtaking, the illustrations delightful."
— flockillus, July 15, 2012
5 Stars: Wow!
"We have all taken personal journeys in our life...they can be inspirational, reflective, exciting, and empowering to our human spirit. Earthwalk is all of these things. The amount of attention and detail the Walkers have placed on this journey is remarkable. Because they have crafted such a personal chronicle, I feel an intimacy that I can relate to...having gone on two motorcycle trips (one from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Gulf of Mexico and another from the Bay Area to Vancouver, Canada) I actually can find myself on the same quest with them! I highly recommend this book if you are an adventurer, a globally-conscious individual, or just someone who likes a good read. Earthwalk works on many feels like a really good meal for the soul."
— Steve J., August 12, 2012
5 Stars: Awe-inspiring Homage to the Earth!
"This review is from: Earthwalk: A 5,000-Mile Odyssey From Alaska to Mexico
I just read this fabulous book and was duly impressed by the fantastic photographs and well as the exciting true adventure. Without doubt, the Walkers' odyssey should be made into a feature film! "
— Tierra M., July 16, 2012
5 Stars: Inspiring
"I loved the great imagery in the detail of each part they walked. I could 'see' what they were seeing. I recommend this to all who loved the beautiful outdoors God has created for us. "
— J. C., August 11, 2014
5 Stars: Amazing Read
"This is a 'must read'. Adventurous and beautiful at the same time. I am looking forward to the motion picture! "
— Stephanie G., July 31, 2013
5 Stars: An incredible documentary of an incredible slice of the country.
"An incredible travel story of two men traveling from Anchorage to the northern Mexico border the old fashioned way. I've read quite a few long distance hiking documentaries, and this is by far my favorite. First of all, the photography is spectacular. It's possible to spend 10 or 15 minutes on some photos just zooming on different features. The writing is generally excellent, while I consider myself fairly environmentally focused, I don't share 100% of the ethics expressed, but that didn't stop me from really enjoying the Walkers' (and walkers) text. This isn't so much one of those "on day one we did this" sort of diary that can get tiresome after a period, but covers the high points in detail and leaves out the daily footprints. The only real negative is the occasional duplicated information that comes from the format of introductions by Orson Wells and background information included. I have travelled in virtually every area they cover in detail, and hiked many of them, but still really enjoyed not only the perspective applied, but the information provided and in some cases view of a different time period than when I visited these locations. It's difficult to believe you'd read this and come out worse for the experience, never mind not loving every minute of it. "
— Bryan B. T., November 22, 2013
5 Stars: Earthwalk: A 5,000-Mile Odyssey from Alaska to Mexico
"If Lewis and Clark had had the Walker Brothers with them, manifest destiny would have been accelerated by 100 years. Not since the 1966 surfing movie, The Endless Summer, has an adventure story inspired the longing to experience nature and test ones spirit of life. While the stories of each leg of their 5,000-mile journal of discovery in of itself are both fascinating and exciting, it is through the lenses of David and Phil Walker that the true significant of their journey unfolds. From dramatic vistas to colorful plays of light on objects that we often take for granted, the beauty of North America is revealed in a very personal and profound way. If it wasn't for the technology of eBooks, the subtly and nuance of what the brothers felt and saw would somehow have been significantly lessened. If you are a free spirited soul who wants to soar the highest peaks and splash in the lowest river valleys, this adventure is waiting for you."
— Jan C., Northern Lights and Nature Photographer
5 Stars Earthwalk - A journey you will thoroughly enjoy!
"David and Phil's journey is beyond Epic! The photography alone is worth the price of admission! I would have loved to see the images on a big screen. What an amazing adventure. Very inspiring! I loved it!"
— David R.